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October 7th 2012

The Malbork Castle Muzeum 

Baltic amber, 40 million years old. Works of art, centuries old. Sculptures, decades old. Couture jewellery, designed this year.

All brought together in a 50-year-old museum. In an 800-year-old Teutonic fortress. That was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site 15 years ago.

At Poland’s Malbork Castle Muzeum, curator Anna Sobecka uses tradition and technology to put all this time, art and amber in context.

Multimedia presentations, a virtual forest and a laser timeline let visitors travel with amber on its geological, historic and cultural journey to the present day. And the physical collection remains to the forefront throughout, illuminated with adjustable precision by Pyxis, Corvus and Libra luminaires.

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The Malbork Castle Muzeum

 Bursztynowe Konteksty exhibition
 (Amber Contexts exhibition)
 The Malbork Castle Muzeum
 The Castle of The Teutonic Order
 Malbork, Poland

The Malbork Castle Muzeum

The Malbork Castle Muzeum

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