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June 7th 2012

Frederikshavn Library

Textbook example of energy-saving design


At the heart of Denmark's official 'Energy City' lies Frederikshavn County Hall. At the heart of County Hall lies Frederikshavn Library.

Frederikshavn council is one of the driving forces behind the Energy City project that aims for 100% sustainable energy by 2015. And it often demonstrates that sustainable energy can begin at home.

Most recently, it achieved an 88.9% reduction in daily energy costs at the library's reading, computer and reference room.

It did so by replacing 41 halogen and retrofitted LED lights with 16 adjustable LED Track lights.

The result was successfully counter-intuitive. The council slashed the total wattage from 2.660W to 294.4W.
Yet in doing so, it reinvented the previously murky space.

The energy-saving lighting is uniform and much brighter. And with less than half the previous number of fittings, it achieves optimum wall, display, table, workstation and room lighting.


Lighting design by Tom Jensen
Frederikshavn County Council |

Photos by Ejgil Lihn|
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Frederikshavn Library

Frederikshavn Library

Before: 2,660 watts

41 LED pendants and spots
Halogen and retrofit LED
9W, 40W, 50W & 100W

After: 294.4 watts
16 Roblon Track 02 spots
High-lumen LED

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