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October 7th 2010

Roblon Framing Spot using fibre optics

Tight light gets a wider range

The Anne Frank House Museum recently sought a better way to showcase Anne Frank's original diary.  They chose to define the diary - a UNESCO Memory of the World heritage document - with light using a Roblon Framing Spot. 

For this single exhibit, Roel Meijer of 
Q-CAT Lighting asked Roblon if it was possible to make an LED version of the existing fibre optic spot.

'Of course it's possible,' said the R&D team.


The maiden LED Framing Spot will be installed at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam later this month. Meanwhile, Roblon has released it as a new model in the Framing Spot series.  


Individual requirements determine which model is the better choice for any given project.  The LED model is, for example, especially good for lighting a single object, whereas multiple fibre optic models can run off a single light generator to light multiple objects at separate locations.

Both the fibre optic (above & bottom right) and LED (middle) models have high colour rendering and effectively no UV rays, so the light is not just highly defined, but highly safe.


Framing and Gobo Spot 




Roblon Framing Spot using LED 

Dining table lit with Framing Spot fibre optic model


Product information for fibre optic and LED Framing Spot models is available at

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