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September 6th 2010

Empirically safe showcase light

Turkish Chamber Dresden Royal Palace


A 20-metre-long, eight-metre-wide, six-metre-high 17th century Ottoman state tent with leather, silk and gold appliqué.  Life-size Arabian stallions in ceremonial tack.  Flags, chain mail, textiles, precious stones, state robes and 16th century armoury.   


In the 'Turkish Chamber' at Dresden Royal Palace in Germany, the exhibits from the Ottoman empire are as magnificent as they are significant.  They are also very very precious, both historically and physically. 

The lighting, therefore, must accentuate the visual drama; precisely control shadow and light to single out selected focal points; and protect the artefacts from any risk of deterioration.


The solution was a Roblon glass fibre solution with Ball & Socket fittings, some with a special glare cover for the lens.

Dresden Royal Palace |

Exhibition curator Holger Schuckelt
Design by Peter Kulka Architektur Dresden
Lighting design by Heinz Werner Hellweg, Zumtobel

Dresden Royal Palace 02

Turkish Chamber Dresden Royal Palace

Turkish Chamber Dresden Royal Palace 10

Photos courtesy of Heinz Werner Hellweg

Roblon Ball & Socket

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