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July 7th 2012

XPO-led at Houthoff Buruma

Lighting with high shelf esteem

Task lighting has not been done by the book at law firm Houthoff Buruma’s international headquarters in Amsterdam.

Instead of hiding away the light sources, the law library shelves have been lit with protruding LED conduits.

Mounting horizontal XPO-led luminaires on the bookshelf fronts was a cleverly counter-intuitive choice. They are gracefully prominent. Yet they echo the clean, linear interior architecture, so they harmonize with the surroundings.

'Other LED choices were just big square profiles with big legs,' says Roel Meijer of Q-Cat Lighting. 'XPO-led is slimmer and customizable. To mount it like this, we needed a special mounting bush and flange. Roblon could do that. And they made it in a special colour that matches the interior of the bookshelves.'


'With XPO-led, you can really turn a fixture into a feature.'

Lighting design by Roel Meijer of distributor Q-CAT Lighting |
Photos by Mike Bink |

XPO-led at Houthoff Buruma

XPO-led at Houthoff Buruma

XPO-led at Houthoff Buruma


Houthoff Buruma Law Firm
The Netherlands

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