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August 7th 2012

Queen Mother Memorial London UK


'I was requested to show the Queen Mother in her majesty. But I also wanted to get in her humanity, her great spirit.'

So said sculptor Paul Day when the Queen of England unveiled the intricate bronze relief that was commissioned in honour of the late Queen Mother.

His three-metre-long friezes grace either side of The Mall that leads up to Buckingham Palace. In astonishing detail, they depict four stages of the Queen Mother's life.

To accentuate the depth and painstaking detail, the artist and architects used 72 Classic Downlight fibre optic fittings from Roblon, customized without lens and in a matching 'antique bronze' colour.

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Queen Mother Memorial

Queen Mother Memorial

Queen Mother Memorial 

The Queen Mother Memorial
The Mall, London, England

Artist: Paul Day

Architects: Donald Buttress & Tony Dyson
Donald Insall Associates

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