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May 7th 2011

And now for something completely different

CamillaF Hair and Nail Salon 

Lighting technology must be led by the facts, yet not limited by them.


When a product is built on an absolutely solid technical and design foundation, there is then freedom to adapt, redesign and customise solutions to fulfil even the quirkiest of customer requirements.


Fancy a non-standard beam shape?
Nine light heads on a three-headed fixture?

Adjustment from the back instead of the front?

Three watts from a one-watt fitting?

The fixed tip to rotate?

The grey fixture, only in turquoise and hot pink?


As those customers did, always feel free to ask for something different. 

There are, after all, no such things as customer whims.  There are only customer requirements.

CamillaF Hair and Nail Salon

CamillaF Hair and Nail Salon

Suspended XPO-led room and task lighting,
customised in turquoise and hot pink 
CamillaF Hair and Nail Salon

Frederikshavn, Denmark

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CamillaF Hair and Nail Salon

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