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February 7th 2011

True colours surface in combined light


Seiler Juwelier Basel Switzerland


When illuminating jewellery, you want it to radiate artistry and beauty. 

You do not want it to radiate heat.

Eliminating in-case heat was a priority when Seiler Juwelier and Tic Beleuchtungen designed new showcase lighting for Seiler's exclusive store in Basel, Switzerland.
'They had a problem,' recalls Michael Schweizer of Tic. 'The jewellery was hot.  If a customer wanted to see a ring or a watch, the staff had to take it out and leave it on the table so it could cool down.'  The solution was cold fibre optic light with Avant-Garde fittings in the in-store cases. 

Reproduction requirements were also stringent.  'There are diamonds, platinum, silver, gold - a lot of different materials,' says Mr. Schweizer.  'And in the window, there is intense sunlight.'

So he cleverly combined a fibre optic and an LED colour temperature.  9000 lux was achieved using Ball & Socket fittings and 4,200 K, 250-watt light generators together with a 3,000 K XPO-led conduit system.

'The light quality and colour reproduction are very good,' says Michael Schweizer.  'The jewellery absolutely makes an impact.'

Seiler Juwelier, Basel, Switzerland |
Distributor Tic Beleuchtungen, Allschwil, Switzerland |

Photos by Christophe Bielsa, Paris, France |

Photos by kind permission of Seiler Juwelier

Seiler Juwelier Basel Switzerland

Seiler Juwelier Basel Switzerland

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In-store cases - products used:
Avant-garde fibre optic fittings
75-watt light generators

Window display - products used:
Ball & Socket fibre optic fittings
250-watt light generators 

XPO-led LED conduit system

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