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December 7th 2012

Baltic Sea Glass, Bornholm

Beauty is fashioned both by nature and by human hand at Baltic Sea Glass studio and gallery on the stunning island of Bornholm.


Glassblowers Pete Hunner and Maibritt Jönsson create pure art, tabletop glasswork and corporate design prototypes in a coastal studio that is inspired by the nature around it.


"Bornholm's nature is absolutely essential to us,' says Pete Hunner. 'Our pieces are not overly conceptual. We're not trying to tease people into asking: 'what is that?' It's natural elements that open our eyes, that make us say: 'wow.'"


"Glass lives in light," he says. When they designed their gallery, lighting and exhibition surfaces had to fall naturally into the background while accentuating the glasswork.


The creative solution was Douglas Fir tree stumps - harvested within a 5km radius. And rust-free shelving - customized to look weathered and rusty.

And Classic Downlight and Asymmetric fibre optic fittings - customized in raw iron to look weathered and rusty.


"It is meditative. You don't really notice it. It is a raw look. It gives visitors a sense of the role that nature plays here every day."

Christmas ornaments from Baltic Sea Glass

"It is vital to us that each piece is handcrafted traditionally in every detail."

hristmas at Baltic Sea Glass
Gudhjem, Bornholm, Denmark

Baltic Sea Glass, Bornholm

Baltic Sea Glass, Bornholm

Fibre optic lighting

270 customized Asymmetric fittings

24 fixed Classic Downlight fittings
24 tiltable Classic Downlight fittings
11 150-watt light generators
Ø4.5 PMMA fibres

Photos courtesy of Baltic Sea Glass
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