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Royal Academy of Music

An outstanding chandelier

St Helens Square

An inspiring oasis




TIRPITZ, Vardemuseerne

A museum hidden in Jutland

TIRPITZ ©Colin Seymour




Norwegian nature as nature intended
Pining for the fjords
Norwegian Forestry Museum Jan 2013

Baltic light in its natural element
Glass brought to life in Bornholm

Baltic Sea Glass December 2012


Global design with a light witty touch
Design that really has something to say
IBM Forum London November 2012



Journey through Poland, amber & light
The past, illuminated

Malbork Castle Muzeum October 2012

LED at its most useful - and reuseful
Everyday essentials - new LED conduits
Essential LED launch September 2012



Lighting leads the way to Buckingham Palace
Fibre light crowns British royalty

Queen Mother Memorial August 2012

Dutch lighting design really stands out
Lighting with high shelf esteem

Houthoff Buruma newsletter July 2012



A little light learning at the library
Textbook example of energy-saving design
Frederikshavn Library June 2012

Gourmet lighting design in Berlin
East meets West in Berlin

Long March Canteen May 2012

More LED light for less money
Save up to 90% on energy
New cash-saving LED lights April 2012


Bluetooth lighting technology
Denmark's birth certificate, reborn

Jelling Runestones March 2012


Light bridges time and space in Warsaw
Lighting at its most memorable

Bridge of Memory Warsaw

Light design peaks in subterranean spa
Functional spa lighting with feeling
ESPA Life at Corinthia January 2011

Cultivated light at Danish cultural centre

Lighting does community service
Kappelborg Cultural Centre December 2011

Twice the light for 90% less energy
Global launch of LED light generators

LED light generators November 2011

Lighting love in Liechtenstein
Art blossoms in light

Liechtenstein October 2011



Stone cold lighting in Dutch sauna

The recipe for wellness? Fibre, of course

Devarana September 2011



Light descends on London office life

Lighting design escalates to new heights

200 Aldersgate August 2011


The nature of outdoor lighting

Fibre optic lighting, naturally

Helsingborg newsletter July 2011

The object of showcase lighting
Happy as a pig in light

Houthoff Buruma newsletter June 2011

Freely adjustable lighting

And now for something completely different
CamillaF newsletter May 2011


Versatile light in Verona
Redefining the right to redesign light


Lo Scrittoio newsletter April 2011

Jewellery lighting made simple
Simplicity makes a display of itself


Birgitte Munch newsletter March 2011


Fusion lighting in Switzerland

True colours surface in combined light

Seiler newsletter February 2011

Light alters a Norwegian church

Lighting design gets art up the aisle

Gulset Church newsletter Jan 11


The art of Arctic illumination

Light that's for Christmas, not just for life

Hotel Arctic newsletter Dec 10

Lighting Denmark's David Collection

Islamic art draws the eye

David Collection newsletter Nov 2010


Defining Anne Frank's diary

Tight light gets a wider range

Anne Frank newsletter Oct 2010

Display lighting at Dresden Royal Palace

Empirically safe showcase light

Display lighting in Dresden


Lighting at Sophie's Steakhouse Restaurant

Contemporary lighting drops in on old London town


Award-winning light at the Royal Danish Playhouse

At the risk of being theatrical, bravo



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