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November 7th 2010

Islamic art draws the eye


In the redesigned Islamic Gallery at Copenhagen's David Collection, technical supervisor Simon Heide and architect Claus Wohlert used darkness and light to draw out each detail of almost 2000 artefacts.

'Light is focused on individual objects and the surroundings remain dark, so the visitor is drawn into the display,' says Mr. Heide.

The exhibits range from the eighth to 19th century, from Spain to India, and from carvings to textiles to miniature paintings.

With no heat and effectively no UV rays, the fibre optic solution preserves the vulnerable artefacts physically.

It also preserves them aesthetically. The light points are so miniscule that they can cast light from above, below and behind objects in even the smallest showcase.  The lighting thus remains invisible whilst accentuating every artistic detail.
The David Collection

The David Collection is one of five Danish Lighting Award 2010 finalists. 
The winner will be announced in December.

The David Collection | 
Wohlert Architects |
Showcases by Glasbau Hahn |
Photos by Pernille Klemp

The David Collection


The David Collection

The David Collection

Products used
XPO conduit systems
Classic Downlights
75-watt light generators

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