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June 3rd 2008

At the risk of being theatrical -
bravo, Roblon

  1500 points of Roblon light in a spectacular new theatre on the Copenhagen waterfront have earned rave reviews of their own and have played a leading role in winning Denmark's top national lighting award.

 Dramatic brass lighting tubes in the soaring glass lobby won particular mention when the Danish Lighting Centre awarded the 2008 national lighting prize to the Royal Danish Playhouse.
  The endlight fibres create magnificent, sparkling pendants yet are glare-free, which means there are no reflections to disturb theatre-goers' views over the harbour.

  This totally undisturbed view is 'absolutely unique in a glass building',  said the award jury. 'There is a sense that the space inside and the space outside have simply merged into one.'
  Roblon and distributor Solar worked closely with lighting designer Jesper Kongshaug and Lundgaard & Tranberg architects to create lighting for the foyer floor, staircases, balconies, entrances and galleries.

  The award-winning lighting project also features recessed, tiltable Roblon fittings in the main auditorium where they achieve both the atmospheric effect of a floating grotto 'filled with drama and magic' and the admirably functional effect of lighting stairs, aisles and seat numbers.


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