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September 7th 2011

Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort

The recipe for wellness? Fibre, of course

Wellness centre guests are coddled by extreme heat, steam and water. Wellness centre lighting is challenged by them.

At Holland's renowned Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort, all the challenges were met by a versatile fibre optic solution that provides both decorative and general lighting.

"Fibre optics were perfect for this environment because there is light underwater, in wet locations, in steam cabins and in 70ºC heat," says Roel Meijer of Q-CAT Lighting.

"This was a very creative solution. Some fittings were tailored to suit the customer. We wanted, for example, to use Classic Downlights in the steam cabin ceiling, but with flat glass. So Roblon just designed a plane-glass model."

"It was also easy to use for special applications like the heated salt stones.  We wanted the effect of light emanating from the stones themselves. It was simple to achieve."

"Glass fibre is glued in to the physical stones and sealed off with acrylic end caps. With this combination, we know that we will never have a problem with the light."

It was essential that day-to-day operation would never be a problem either. 'It is functional and practical for the customer,' says Roel Meijer. 'There is very little maintenance. Light generators are hidden, yet accessible, so it will be easy to change the lamp."

Consistent, uniform light was another top requirement.  "There is very nice control of light. You get the exact same light output from every fitting."

There is no difference at all in colour temperature, as you get with individual halogen fittings unless you replace all of them every time a single lamp needs to be changed. This installation will stay perfect for many, many years."

Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort| ’s-Hertogenbosch | The Netherlands |
Designed by E.S.T.I.D.A. | Amsterdam | The Netherlands |

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Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort 

Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort 

Aquarius 35 Medium fittings
PMMA Ø4.5mm fibre

FL 150-2 F Colour light generator

Pool ceiling
Crystal Spear fittings
PMMA Ø3 mm fibre
FL 150-2 B light gener

Salt-stone sauna

Roblon Glass Ø3mm fibres
FL 150-3 B light generator

Infrared sauna

Sirius Clear fittings
Glass Ø6 mm fibre

FL 150-3 B light generator

Colour sauna
PMMA Ø4.5 fibre
FL 150-2 C DMX Colour Wheel light generator


Steam cabin
Aquarius 35 Medium fittings
PMMA Ø4.5 fibre
FL 150-2 F Colour light generator

Steam cabin ceiling
Classic Downlight Ø50 Focus Tilt fittings
PMMA Ø3 mm fibre
FL 150-2 B light generator

Devarana Sauna Beauty Resort

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