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7th June 2011

Happy as a pig in light  

Houthoff Buruma


A startling ceramic parade greets visitors to the headquarters of Houthoff Buruma Law Firm.

Artist Vita Mitrichenka's animal vases create a remarkable focal point, even more so since they were given a new lease of life through light.

To solve the problem of overt light and too much heat, the architectural team decided to replace the original halogen lighting.

Working with Q-CAT Lighting, they designed new light with Corvus 1r LED fittings. The ability to redesign the light was also taken into account.

'We used a 30° reflector, but maybe in the future there will be smaller objects on display,' says Q-CAT's Roel Meijer. 'With Corvus, it is very easy to change the reflector to a different size.'

Meanwhile, it is the effect on the sculptures themselves that has changed.

'Previously this was showcase lighting in the sense that the whole showcase was just lit up.  Now it is object lighting because the fittings really focus on each piece.'

The artwork is now very individual.  Each piece looks really alive.'

Houthoff Buruma Law Firm |
Architect OTH |
Lighting design Hans Wolff & Partners
Distributor Q-CAT Lighting |
Photos by Mike Bink |

Corvus 1r by Roblon

Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma Law Firm
The Netherlands

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