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November 7th 2011

Global launch of LED light generators


A genuine alternative to halogen is now available with the launch of LED light generators for fibre optic lighting.

The new Roblon LED generators provide more high-quality light for less space, less energy and fewer operational costs.

Designed both for new installations and for simple-swap retrofit, they were unveiled at PLDC Madrid in October.

The FL 500 series uses up to 90% less energy than halogen.

The FL 1000 series uses up to 63% less energy than halogen.

The LED series at a glance
No filter and little or no heat
Ranges from small to absolutely tiny
Lifetime 35,000 hours and 50,000 hours
Eight to 10 times longer life than halogen
Totally silent models with no cooling system
Effectively silent models with cooling system
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The Morgan Library & Museum

 FL 1000 BI LED light generator by Roblon


FL 1000 B2 LED light generator by Roblon



Pictured left:
The Morgan Library & Museum
New York


Lighting design by
Renfro Design Group


Lighting distributor
Visual Lighting Technologies


Photo courtesy of The Morgan Library
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