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About RobLight A/S

Corvus and Pyxis by Roblon 

RobLight A/S is a brand new company with more than 25 years of experience within intelligent lighting solutions. For more than 2 decades we were known as Roblon Lighting, a division of Roblon A/S, but since 1 May 2017 we have been an independent, Danish company. Our primary focus is Remote Source Lighting applications, using our own PMMA or glass optical fibres and special LED products.


Our light generators are designed and produced in-house at our 3.000m2 facility in Frederikshavn (DK). We started back in the mid 90’s with halogen based light generators, now 25 years later we are manufacturing state-of-the art LED based light generators for various indoor and outdoor solutions.


Roblon A/S has always been focused on development of new products, we at RobLight A/S have lifted this dedication to new standards. We are excited to launch these products over the coming months and years.


Feel free to contact us for a discussion of your specific needs or technical challenges with your project.


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