Decorative light


Decorative light / starlight illumination

The application fields of fibre light for decorative purposes are inexhaustible.

6 mm PMMA fiber cables are suitable for creating vast star ceilings. After guiding the fibre cable to the area where the stars should be placed, app. 1-1½ m of coating is removed, and the 50 “raw fibers” that appear are mounted as stars. One cable containing 50 “stars” is easier to handle than 50 single “stars”. Light generators with Ø 28 mm light port can supply 1000 stars with light.


See principle below:


PMMA fiber cables are split up

and the 'raw' fibers distributed as stars.

Splitting up is the easiest way

to manage a large number of fibres

for huge star ceilings (1000 stars per generator).



Arched starlight ceiling with 3000 light points. Watt consumption: 3 x 75 watt

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