Design notes


What should be considered before designing a fibre light system?


This question is very important, because fiber light is so much different from traditional light. It is essential to define what you want from the light, and considerations as below are helpful:


• Is the light going to be the only lighting; is it secondary lighting or perhaps merely decorative light?

• Where can the light generator be placed ? The placing is decisive of the fiber lengths and thus of the colour

   temperature, light intensity and number of fiber light systems needed

• The light generator requires space – does the planned placing give credit for that?

• Aesthetic requirements? Should it be a starry sky effect with many small light points (up to

   1.000 per generator)?

   Or should it be a lighting system with fewer, stronger light outlets, with fittings?

• Design of fittings? Surface/colour? Should the fitting be tiltable? Be corrosion-proof?

• Guiding of cables? Has the recommended bending radius of the fiber been taken into account?

• Colour temperature? Glass fibers provide the “warmest” light, but also less light.

• Can PMMA be applied?

• Light quantity? How big is the distance to the lit object? Can one light outlet do the job or are more needed?

   Will overlapping of light cones provide sufficient light quantity? Distance between light points?

• Any fire restrictions? Demand for protection against vandalism?


Other things may be relevant, but if the project is tackled the right way, great results are obtained.


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