Mounting and placing


Mounting and Placing

It is important to install and place the light generators correctly to secure the right air input and output as the generator produces heat.


The ambient room temperatur must not exceed 40 degrees Celcius (104 degrees F).


Principles behind installing light generators in small compartments:



Light generators produce heat! The heat is removed by heat transmission through cabinet and air grilles. If additional ventilation is necessary a fan can be installed. If the generator is placed in a compartment smaller than prescribed, additional ventilation is required. Methods are described below.



Heat transmission

Closed compartment. The manufacturer´s recommendation with regard to air volume (m³) must be respected. As no air enters or escapes the compartment, it must be big enough to allow natural heat transmission through the surfaces. The surfaces must not be heat-insulated.




Heat removal by thermal rise of hot air

Smaller-than prescribed compartment. Generators without a fan: The compartment must have low-located air-intake and high-located air-outlet openings, thus allowing the thermal rise of hot air. Generators with a fan: The hot air must be directed towards the outlet opening in the compartment, preferably through a flex tube, to avoid recirculation through the generator.



Heat removal by means of forced ventilation

VERY small compartments. The generator must always have direct connection to the air outside the compartment. The generator´s outlet air is guided through a flexible tube to a hole in the compartment wall/bottom, thus preventing recirculation inside the compartment. The intake- and outlet holes in the compartment must be seperated. The outlet air can be directed by means of a louvre grille.


Noise - carried through air

This type of noise can be reduced by means of a sound absorbing material fitted on the in-side walls of the showcase cabinet as well as on the inside of the flex tube conducting the heat away from the generator (we recommend Basotect® or a similar product). Please note that insulation also conserves heat – always test the system before completing the construction!!



Noise - vibrations

It is possible to minimize both vibrations and resonance by placing the generator on a plate fitted with sound absorbing material (we recommend Basotect® or a similar product).





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