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December 7th 2011

Skagen Library at Kappelborg Cultural Centre

Functional effect lighting helped turn an isolated, forbidding school building into an open, inviting community amenity in Skagen, Denmark.


The result of a remarkable redesign project by the local council, Kappelborg Cultural Centre has opened up community facilities and opened up the heart of the town.


Light was used to make the centre exciting, says Jørgen Anker Simonsen, Project Manager in Frederikshavn County Council's Engineering department.


'When all the ordinary light is switched off, we still wanted effect lighting to make passers-by look in.  We wanted life in the building, even when it's closed. We didn't want the building to be stand-offish.'


In the high-tech 'library of the future', open 12 hours a day, suspended LED conduits provide both task and effect lighting. Seen close-up, they illuminate books on shelves. Seen from outside, they draw the eye into the glass-fronted library.


Close-up, adjustable downlights illuminate artistic details in stunning photo murals of up to 10 x 5 metres. Farther away and from outside, they create a striking architectural effect.


In the 14-metre-high staircase tower, two shades of white paint interact with a conduit of blue LEDs to wash the walls in blue and violet. Outside, the tower is the focal point of both the building and the town centre.


Recessed fittings provide spot lighting in the skatepark, playground, car park and events area. Stringent light quality requirements were matched by stringent physical requirements. 'We needed very robust lighting, ' says Mr. Simonsen. 'Cars, bikes and skateboards run over the fittings every day.'

Kappelborg Cultural Centre


Interior designer
Mitten Ferrar
Ferrarrum Interior Design

Lighting design
Jørgen Anker Simonsen
Frederikshavn County Council

Photos by Jørgen Anker Simonsen
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Kappelborg Cultural Centre

Kappelborg Cultural Centre

Products used:

Suspended XPO-led LED conduits
Corvus 3r LED fittings

Compass fittings customized with LED

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