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March 7th 2011

Birgitte Munch Jewellers

Simplicity makes a display of itself

'I value simple décor,' says Danish goldsmith Birgitte Munch. 'If there is too much visual fuss, the jewellery itself gets overshadowed.'

So to complement fibre optic room lighting at her jewellery store, she chose Libra LED luminaires for the showcases. 'Its form is simple, yet it can really do a lot. It can be twirled and twisted around in every direction. That's important, because it is not enough that it looks good. It has to be functional.'

'There were some pieces of jewellery that had been on display for a long time. When the new lighting was installed, customers noticed them immediately and went straight over to them. I have no doubt at all that this was entirely due to the new way the jewellery was lit.'

Birgitte Munch Jewellers

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