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February 7th 2012

Bridge of Memory Warsaw ghetto memorial

Light and space have been used to form an evocative bridge that spans 27 metres and 70 years in Warsaw.

Architect Tomasz Lec's 'Bridge of Memory' replicates the footbridge that briefly connected the smaller and larger sections of Warsaw's Jewish ghetto by passing over 'Aryan' Chlodna Street.

He drew the bridge in air by running sidelight inside steel supports and out across steel ropes to ensure perfectly straight lines. He hid the light generators 2.5 metres up inside the supports. Eight metres up, the shadows of passers-by are cast upon two screens. The hot air from the generators is harnessed to add movement to the shadows.

Four eye-level stands project real images and audio from the ghetto bridge. 'There are photos from 1941 and '42,' says Mr. Lec. 'You hear the sound of feet on the wooden stairs, the sound of trams going by, the singing of a Jewish cantor.'

Exactly halfway across the street, he cut and reattached the fibres to create two sharp light points. 'The character of the monument is contemplation,' he says. 'The light guides you to the fact that the space is empty and inaccessible.'

'In spite of the constant visual stimulation in the city, people are intrigued. A lot of passers-by stop to read the pavement inscriptions and to look closely at the lines of light. Then they go to the stand with the slides and they get the exact explanation of why we are commemorating this place in Warsaw.'

Warsaw Ghetto light bridge

The Bridge of Memory
Chlodna Street


Architect and designer
Tomasz Lec


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