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October 7th 2011

Das Osterei Liechtenstein National Museum 14

Art blossoms in light


Tokens of love. Works of art. Eggs. Each object on special display at the Liechtenstein National Museum is triply precious.

The 'Apple Blossom' Fabergé egg is the centrepiece of the exhibition Das Osterei - Liebespfand und Kunstobjekt (The Easter Egg - token of love and work of art).

A gift from Russian nobleman Alexander Kelch to his wife in 1901, the 'Apple Blossom' egg is secretly a velvet-lined jewellery case. 

It is on show with other exquisitely decorated eggs made in Liechtenstein and Tsarist Russia.

The easter egg collection was formed by Adulf Peter Goop and kindly donated by him to Liechtenstein. His collection is staged in the Liechtenstein National Museum.

Lighting these many small, fragile objects was a curatorial challenge.  Tiny, perfect details are picked out in dramatically varying colours on many different surfaces.

The Apple Blossom egg alone is a glory of green and red gold, nephrite jade, pink and white enamel and white diamonds, all just 11 cm high. Other eggs are lacquered, porcelain, enamelled or silver.

To accentuate the artefacts whilst keeping them safe, Vertical XPO-led conduits were chosen.  They achieve a new low for UV in LED lighting and at the same time achieve very high colour rendering. 

The conduits themselves blend near invisibly
into the corners of beautiful wall cases in this strikingly designed museum.

Das Osterei Liechtenstein National Museum 16 

Das Osterei Liechtenstein National Museum 06


Das Osterei exhibition
March 2011 - January 2012
Liechtenstein National Museum

Principality of Liechtenstein

Photos by Sven Beham 

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