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April 7th 2012

Roblon Track 01 at work

Save up to 90% every single day

Documented: More light for less money compared to halogen
Save minimum 50% and up to 90% on energy consumption


Spend minimum amount when purchasing

Documented: Lifetime efficacy loss max. 5%
No need to mount buffer products in case light levels drop in distant future

Unprecedented LED quality

Same high LED quality for entire lifetime
Same high light output for entire lifetime
Same high colour quality for entire lifetime
Same low running costs for entire lifetime
No maintenance for entire lifetime
Lifetime 50,000 hours – with typical use, 15-17 years

New high-lumen LED downlights from Roblon

The Single, Cube & Track series: a lot more light for a lot less energy
Roblon Cube 02 at work

Roblon Single 10 at work

Roblon Cube 02 at work



Single 10 high lumen downlight


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