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January 7th 2013

Norwegian Forestry Museum
“When we are out in nature, we often stand quietly so that we can listen, smell and look. We humans stand still. It is the animals, the birds, that are moving and flying around."

"In a nature museum, it’s the opposite. They are still, and we are moving around. At the Forestry Museum, I wanted to make it lifelike. I wanted to make the museum’s animals seem alive."

To achieve this effect, award-winning lighting designer Lorang Brendløkken used his 'eyes and gut feeling'. He also, literally, highlighted every hair on every head.

"Stuffed animals are difficult to light, especially the eyes. The face is the focus, so I started there with each individual exhibit. The face depends greatly on light, shadow, and where the light is coming from."

"We painted the light on with a small paintbrush, so to speak. This was about millimetres and details. That's where fibre optic lighting is ideal."

Lighting designer Lorang Brendløkken|
Lighting distributor AVAB |
Photos by Arnfinn Johnsen |

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Norwegian Forestry Museum

Norwegian Forestry Museum

The Norwegian Forestry Museum
(Norsk Skogmuseum)
Elverum, Norway

Lighting solution:

Ball & Socket fibre optic fittings
Nova fibre optic fittings
Horizontal XPO-LED LED conduit

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