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St Helens Square

July 2018

St Helens Square

In the heart of London

St Helens Square, in the heart of the City of London.


This amazing installation, was part of a comprehensive lighting scheme

designed by StudioFractal. Developed in cooperation with Light Projects Ltd

and RobLight A/S is today an inspiring oasis in the midst of this vibrant


St Helens Square


Each of the custom made rods has a spring at the bottom, giving the

overall installation an organic and natural appearance. The fibre used for

all 120 rods is RobLight Ø3.0mm PMMA, in total over 1000 meters of fibre

is used for installation.

St Helens Square


The 4 FL 1000 XT B 4000K light generators are located below the surface

in waterproof boxes in which the individual fibretail is inserted. In order

to achieve optimum light output, RobLight technician went onsite to make

the Polyconnectors.

St Helens Square


St Helens Square, London.

Lighting design: StudioFractal

Distributor: Light Projects Ltd.

Photographer: © Greg Townsend


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