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December 7th 2010

Light that's for Christmas, not just for life


As every Danish child knows, Santa Claus and his toy-making elves live in Greenland.

As every Danish child knows, if air traffic visibility is bad at Christmas, his sleigh will be guided safely to each child's house by the light of reindeer Rudolph's shiny red nose.

But what if, worries the more analytic child, Rudolph is grounded by a cold? Or sleeps it out after a too splendid office party? Or goes on strike because Santa raised the pension age? 

Who will guide Santa's sleigh then?

Answer: Ole Jørgensen will.  The Danish artist's new 'Iceberg' sculpture simulates the Northern Lights all year around on the shores of Greenland's Ilulissat Icefjord. 

Working with Fårup Concrete and Roblon, he moulded 1,552 Roblon fibre optic tails with millimetre-precision into his dramatic commission. It now guides guests safely in to the Hotel Arctic and, if needs be, can guide Santa safely out on December 24th.

Jørgensen's 'Iceberg' thus safeguards the hopes of every Danish child.  It also safeguards Greenland's unique environment - the entire colourful lighting effect requires less electricity than a pocket torch.

Roblon the red-nosed reindeer got Santa here
Roblon HQ in Denmark where, like Santa, customers are always welcome to drop in

Hotel Arctic 



 Hotel Arctic
 Ilusissat, Greenland

 'Iceberg' by Ole Jørgensen

 Concrete form by Fårup Betonindustri

 Products used
 Ø6 mm PMMA fibre tails
 1 75-watt light generator
 Customized colour wheel

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