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7th July 2011

Beach promenade, Helsingborg, Sweden

Fibre optic lighting, naturally

To create scenographic lighting at Helsingborg beach promenade, the lighting designers had to compete with the ultimate attention-seeker: nature.

Except they didn't compete. Instead, the ÅF-Hansen & Henneberg team designed light that is in natural sympathy with the beach, sea and sky.

They embedded 528 fibre optic light points in the concrete waterfront square. They capped them with robust acrylic seals that ensure smooth, consistent light and that can withstand anything that the harsh environment - or for that matter, people - can throw at them.

They hid two light generators in a nearby wall and set the twinkle wheels to oscillate irregularly.  'The intensity of the light is gradually reduced towards the water,' explains Elisabeth Malmsten of ÅF-Hansen & Henneberg. 'This makes the transition from the last light points to the sandy beach smooth.'

The result is gorgeous light that sets a natural stage for beach visitors.  It cleverly mimics the effect of nature and the night sky without intruding on the natural surroundings. Not even when unlit; by day, the physical light points are so discreet that they are effectively invisible.

Beach promenade Helsingborg Sweden

Waterfront design by
ÅF - Hansen & Henneberg


Products used:
528 customized Ø15 mm acrylic seals
6,000 m Roblon PMMA Ø1.5 fibre
2 FL 150 XT-2 Twinkle light generators


Photos by Martin Kristiansen
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Beach promenade, Helsingborg, Sweden

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