RobLight SR PMMA Ø8.0 mm (49 x Ø0.75 mm)

Item no.

A side radiating fiber with a twisted rope-like structure. It has a uniform light radiating from all sides. Expect light loss over length. Recommendable to have light sources in both ends. The side radiating fiber has mainly decorative purposes. Suitable for e. g. cove lighting, bridges or stair cases.

Fiber typePMMA
SizeØ8 mm
Dia. of raw fibersØ0.75 mm
No. of raw fibers49 pcs
Jacket materialPVC
Min. bending radius90 mm
Max. tails in Ø92 pcs
Max. tails in Ø2819 pcs
Max. tails in Ø28 randomised19 pcs
Weight47 g/m

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