Remote Source Lighting


Using fibre optic lighting means the light source and electrical feed are separate from the fittings. Light from the generator is carried through an optical harness of Glass or PMMA fibre to multiple endpoints where it is then shaped and controlled as desired. 

Once installed, the endpoints need never be accessed again — ideal for inaccessible locations:

  • Underwater lighting — pools, spas and water features
  • Architectural lighting — facades, towers, high level interiors
  • Multi point lighting from one source – Starry skies, large decorative schemes

The remote source removes heat from the end fitting — perfect for delicate and sensitive materials:

  • Display and showcase case lighting
  • Hermetically sealed conservation cabinets
  • Ice Bars and Sculptures

Light generators can be mounted in dry and well ventilated places, while end-points will be safe in harsher locations:

  • Hot or humid areas, saunas, steam rooms, hammams and ovens
  • Coastal or saline environments


The light generator is the “engine” of any fibre optic lighting system. The LED light source housed inside the generator is specifically designed to concentrate the highest possible amount of light into the fibre harness. The light generator is the only part of any fibre optic lighting system that contains electricity. This is the only part of the system that will ever require maintenance and can be housed up to 20m* away from the light emitting end points for ease of access.

With major technological advances being made with LED fibre optic generators over recent years and owing to their patented three-lens system, RobLight is proud to offer the most efficient solutions in the world. Driver options including 1-10V, DALI, DMX and Push dimming.

Most models available with DMX controlled colour or twinkle wheels.

* (20m) dependent on specific application.


The miniature FL 500 B 4.3W LED generator is ideal for small system or single fixture installations.

Ideal for small starry skies, sauna, steam room and single fitting installations.


The Interior compact FL 500 B-1 8.5W LED light generator with silent passive heatsink cooling is ideal for small starry skies, display cases and joinery or single fitting installations. FL 500 F-1 models are fitted with colour or twinkle feature wheels.


The convection cooled  FL 1010 with Nichia CRI 90+ 3000K or 4000K LEDs replaces conventional halogen units. Ideal for downlights, uplights and feature lighting including larger starry sky installations where more output and control is required.


For larger schemes the 115W  FL 1500 outperforms 150W Metal Halide sources.

Ideal for public realm lighting including sculptures and artistic installations, and also recommended for use with side radiating fibre.

The New, FL 1750*, 150W LED Generator with astounding and sublime output to replace 250W Metal Halide plus added benefits of instant stable colour at switch-on and lifetime of 20,000 hours. Ideal for architectural lighting where maximum output and control is required; such as facades, architectural details and for use with side radiating fibre.

*For more information about the FL 1750 please contact our sales team.


For exterior applications, the FL 1100 XT  complements the FL 1100 in a robust IP65 housing.

Ideal for use for fountains, public art or gardens when the light generator needs to be positioned externally.


For exterior applications, the FL 1500 XT  complements the FL 1500 in a robust IP65 housing.

Ideal for use for exterior architectural and public realm lighting requiring high output when the light generator needs to be positioned externally.


 The Fibre Harness is the ‘cabling’ of the Fibre Optic lighting system and provides the essential feature of connecting the light output from a remote generator to optical end points.
A Harness is made up of multiple strands of Glass or PMMA (PolyMethylMethAcrylate) fibre collected into ‘Tails’ of 1-10mm diameter each bound into a ‘Termination’ that connect to the end light fitting. Fibres from multiple tails are bound into a ‘Common End’ which is connected to the Light Port of Light Generator.



Historically, glass was the only material used with fibres as fine as a hair (50μm). Standard tail sizes range from Ø1mm to Ø6mm. A Ø6mm tail is built from 11000 raw fibres. Glass use is now limited to high temperature applications or where closer fidelity between source & output light is required.

Most systems now use PMMA fibres which are thicker than glass at 0.75mm or 1mm diameter and are made up into tails from Ø1mm to Ø10mm. A Ø6mm tail is built from 50 x 0.75mm raw fibres. PMMA fibres are easier to work with, are less expensive and are more efficient in capturing light from Generators.

Optical fibres transmit light by the phenomenon of total internal reflection (TIR). When light is incident at the boundary of two dissimilar materials, some light is reflected back and some is refracted and passes through, bent at an angle relative to the refractive index of the two materials. At the boundary between high index material (Glass or PMMA) and low index (Air) there is a critical angle of incidence above which all light is reflected. Total Internal Reflection effectively captures the light in the fibre and bounce it along to the end where it is emitted in a beam with cut off equal to the critical angle.

The critical angle for Glass or PMMA to Air is around 42°.




Fibre tails for End Light application are sleeved in a black flexible tough flame-retardant jacket to protect the surface of the fibres from mechanical damage that would reduce the TIR effect and the efficiency of light transmission.

Common End


The Common End gathers the optical fibres together for connection to the Light Port or Light Generator. Fibres are bound tightly to eliminate gaps, the ends are cut and highly polished to maximise the light transfer from the optical system of the Light Generator.

Common Ends are available in two sizes to suit the number of tails to be fitted and the capacity of the Generator.  Ø9 for a bundle of fibres up to 9mm diameter or Ø28 for up to 28mm diameter.


Randomised Common End


The output from the Light Generator tends to be brighter at the centre and diminishes towards the edges, so if most of the fibres within a tail are in the centre, that tail would be brighter than one with fibres on the outside. In order to produce a consistent light level across the whole harness, fibres from each tail can be optionally pseudo-randomised across the Common End so that on average each tail is collecting the same amount of light.


Side Emitting

As well as being used for End Light applications, PMMA fibre is also available as ‘Side Emitting’. The fibre surface is modified by a patented twisting construction so that while most of the light is transmitted down the fibre, some light is scattered from the surface to provide glowing illumination along the whole length. Side emitting fibre tails are sleeved with a clear UV stable and algae resistant jacket making them suitable for use in exterior and underwater applications. Tails can be manufactured with a reflector on the open end to improve uniformity. Where longer runs of side emitting fibre are required both ends can be terminated in a Common End to be used with two light generators and lit from both ends, this also helps with the consistency of the output on longer fibre runs.

Side emitting fibre has many uses including step lighting, floating benches, linear architectural detailing, pathways, signage etc…


Tail Sizes

Fibre tails are available in a number of standard diameters, each with a different number of individual fibres.

For example:  Ø1mm PMMA = 1 x Ø1mm fibre, Ø2mm PMMA = 7 x Ø0.75mm fibres and Ø8mm PMMA = 75 x Ø0.75mm fibres.

The size relates to the amount of light the tail can collect from the Light Generator and therefore how much light is transmitted to the end fitting. End fittings can take a range of tail sizes so by varying the tails used, the fitting output can be tuned for the application. Tails of different sizes can be combined within one harness for maximum flexibility.




The free end of the tail is prepared to suit the end fitting it is used with. These range from a simple clean cut end for use in a Starry Sky, to a standard termination with aluminium ferrule cut and polished like a mini common end, to a waterproof acrylic termination for wet applications. Other terminations are specialised for Starpoints, Plasterboard mounting, 90° bends, flexible arms and many others.



 The Luminaire is the ‘End Point’ of the Fibre Optic lighting system and directs, shapes and controls the light from Harness tail to illuminate the object or space with precision.

RobLight luminaires provide beauty and functionality to the only visible element of the fibre optic system. Available in many optical formats, there is a wide variety of styles to help perfect your lighting scheme.

As it is not necessary to accommodate the electrical connections or handle the heat generated by conventional or LED light source, the size of Fibre Optic Luminaires is considerably reduced.  A more compact optical system also allows for tilt adjustment in even the smallest recessed housings

RobLight’s considerable range of interior, exterior, underwater and decorative luminaires are designed to be used in conjunction with their high quality fibre optic harnesses and light generators.


Beam Options

Raw optical fibre tail produces a cone of light in a very usable Wide 54° beam.  This basic output is shaped with lenses into a fixed Medium beam, varying the position of the lens produces an adjustable Focus beam.  Frosted glasses can spread and diffuse the beam into a 114° distribution for soft wash or indicator use.

Different fibre tail sizes provide light ‘sources’ within the luminaire ranging from Ø2mm to Ø10mm, so the same lens will generate different beam angles. Varying the tail size changes the beam as well as the intensity as illustrated by variants in Avant-garde size 2-10.

Avant Garde Size 2-10 Wide

Avant Garde Size 2-10 Medium

Avant Garde Size 2-10 Focus

All Roblight luminaires ranges feature Wide, Medium and Focus beam variants, specific luminaires provide additional beam patterns for particular lighting tasks, such as Asymmetric, Staircase and Circular.  See Product pages for available options and capacity for different fibre tail sizes.

Recessed downlights

Most housings are also suitable for mounting as uplights or sidelights


For discreet downlighting, the Note fixed recessed range provides an effective foundation for accent lighting, with absolute minimal glare.

Available in three  sizes (Ø14mm, Ø20mm or Ø31mm) it is ideal for decorative, discreet, yet diligent room lighting, in niches and display cases.

Complemented by the Avant-Garde with ball joint for up to 35° tilt (depending on type)


The  Nova adjustable semi-recessed ball joint downlights incorporate a unique dimple feature for sharp tilting. With 360° rotation and general 35° tilt,  the dimple point provides for tilting up to 50°.  A pioneering lock button system lets you freely adjust and lock without using tools. Simply pull the front of the fitting to adjust beam angles.

Three thermoplastic housing sizes in white, black or chrome finish.  Ideal for illumination on walls, in niches and showcases.


The Ingeniously designed Bebop interior fixture transforms from recessed to a raised fitting in a matter of seconds.  When completely recessed, it blends in with any given surface; anytime you want, and without using tools, simply pull the optical head out and position it with millimetre-precision.

Ideal for galleries, museums and retail outlets where displays, designs and moods change.


For a timeless style, the Mini and Classic Downlights range feature bevelled trim rings with gilded options and exposed fixed or tiltable lenses.  Ideal for illumination or accentuating pictures, flowers, tables and other objects.

Mini is only 21mm in diameter while Classic is 32mm or 50mm, both also in white, black and grey anodised aluminium finishes.  Some variants in IP44 housings are suitable for damp areas.


The Asymmetrics range is a beautiful and discrete miniature interior fittings accurately directing light at fixed angles from concealed sources.

Shelf light variant is only 13mm deep and lights diagonally backwards, ideal for building into shelves for up, down or side lighting contents.  Eyelid Staircase light provides low level and indication illumination for cinemas, theatres or walkways.


Add a touch of sparkle with these recessed Fibre Optic fittings with exposed Crystal Spears sitting on gilded brass or white trims.

Three crystal 21mm in diameter with IP44 housings suitable for damp areas.



Ball & Socket  is an elegantly designed adjustable exposed spot light, ideal for the illumination of objects in display cases and show windows or where there is a  requirement is for flexible light that is easily adjustable for varying displays.

Available in black or grey anodised aluminium or gold finishes.



Light Tube and Jewellery Tube with a minimal crook-arm for showcases. Light tube produces a wide general illumination, while the Jewellery tubes provides focused adjustable accent light.

The slim, discreet design is available in exclusive finishes and colours to ensure that full focus is on the display items, even in the lowest, smallest, all-glass case.



XPO Fibre conduit system mixes fixed and adjustable light points for cabinets and museum use.  Fully customisable in up to 5.8m lengths with adjustable focus heads and wide beam light points.  System elements include tubes, Tee pieces, corners, exposed and recessed ends to allow for construction of custom arrangements to exactly fit your requirements.

Ideal in showcases and window displays for galleries, retail and exhibition areas.



For precision control and pattern projection, Framing and Gobo Spot  features fixed narrow or zoom lenses to provide for fine beam adjustment.

Gobo version projects patterns, your logo or text,  in galleries, retail and hospitality spaces.  Framing Spot precisely crops light onto an object or fixes a perfectly defined square or triangle of light on a specific target.


Exterior and Underwater


The RobLight exterior / wet area ranges include Sirius small format recessed fittings, a resourceful range of mini recessed stainless steel fibre optic fittings for outdoor and exposed locations. The IP44 housing with clear, opal, focus or half-moon lenses can be mounted as uplight, downlight or horizontally for public spaces, walkways or private gardens.

Fountain housing is rated IP68 (to 1m) and fixed with back-nut for mounting through plates or thin surfaces.


Compass IP68 exterior drive-over uplights for landscapes, facades and fountains, Optics range from narrow tiltable lenses for focused lighting to wider beams and opal diffusers for softer illumination and drive/pathway markers.

Stainless steel housing with polished or burnished top plates are rated IP68 to 1m. 


Beespot IP65/IP68 fully adjustable Fibre Optic spotlight heads with a simplicity of design, suitable for exposed indoor, outdoor or submerged use.

Provides functional accent lighting, decorative effects and wall-washing particularly for facades, fountains and sculptures.


Aquarius is an elegant range of IP68 recessed Fibre Optic fittings specially developed for swimming pools, spas, fountains, aquariums or any wet area.

Constructed from marine 316L stainless steel and rated for up to 10m submersion, variants are available include fixed wide, diffuse opal and tiltable focus beam.


RobLight Landscape Range of weatherproof and robust recessed or post mount fibre optic path lights. Choose between crescent-shaped prisms, 360° beams and diffuse light.

Bead blasted stainless steel construction with acrylic optics. A favourite for gardens, grounds, parks, tunnels and pathways.


To complement their fibre optic range, RobLight has created an impressive collection of LED lighting fittings for museum, display and retail lighting applications.

The Innovative Ara features 2.2W 115lm 3000K LEDs with user-replaceable 10°, 20°, 30° and 48×8° optics in fixed and tiltable downlights, along with 1.5W 95 lm versions in spotlight and semi-recessed formats.

Ara 4 and Ara 5 brings ultimate flexibility with miniature adjustable spotlights magnetically mounted on a miniature 24V track with local dimming and a wealth of accessories. Spotlights can be moved and adjusted to suit any fast changing display.

Built around 1W 50lm CRI 90+ LEDs and 16mm reflectors, the Pyxis and Corvus ranges elegantly provide fixed and adjustable semi-recessed fittings. These are complemented by the Libra stem mounted spots with fully adjustable single, twin and triple heads. All feature replaceable 3000K or 4500K LEDs with interchangeable 30°, 45° or 60° reflectors.