XPO Cover Flange 2 Parts, black

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For fixing of XPO tube from the back. Supports bushings/tubes. Slightly slanting. Can be retrofitted. Ø65 x 4 mm. Including Ø65 mm washer. Anodised aluminium.

Surface treatmentAnodised
SizeØ65 x 5.4 mm
Weight67 g
Mounting holeØ42 - Ø46 mm

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Title Item
XPO 16 Vertical black 03131050
XPO 16 Wall to wall black 03131051
XPO Vertical black Custom 03131010
XPO Horizontal black Custom 03131011
XPO Wall to wall black Custom 03131012
XPO Mounting Bush, black 06000501
XPO 16 Horizontal black 03131052
XPO 16 Free mounted black 03131053
XPO 16 Surface mounted black 03131054
XPO-led mounting bush Ø26 leg black 11130010