Sirius Focus

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Sirius Focus is a small, elegant uplighter beautifully designed in stainless steel. The fitting is equipped with a lens for adjustment of the lighting angle. Sirius Focus is ideal as indication light in drives and passages or as uplight in dark avenues etc.

OpticsØ14 mm lens
Beam angleØ3: 13-21°/ Ø4.5: 19°/ Ø6: 28°
MaterialStainless steel EN 1.4435
Surface treatmentPickled
SizeØ25 x 6 mm
Weight31 g
Mountingsee mounting instructions
Mounting holeWood: Ø16 mm / masonry: Ø21 mm
Built-in height24 mm
Min. tail sizeØ1 mm
Max. tail sizeØ6 mm
Protection ratingIP 44

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