XPO-led mounting bracket, 10 pcs, black

Item no.

XPO-led mounting brackets. For securing the conduit in place.

SizeØ29 x 10 mm
Weight47 g
MountingSystem part

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Title Item
XPO X-LED Vertical black 12070110
XPO X-LED Vertical grey 12070120
XPO X-LED Horizontal Ø8mm legs black 12070310
XPO X-LED Horizontal Ø8 mm legs grey 12070320
Vertical XPO-led, black 11170110
Vertical XPO-led, grey 11170120
Wall-to-wall XPO-led, black 11170210
Wall-to-wall XPO-led, grey 11170220
Horizontal XPO-led Ø8 mm legs, black 11170310
Horizontal XPO-led Ø8 mm legs, grey 11170320
Horizontal XPO-led Ø26 mm legs, black 11170410
Horizontal XPO-led Ø26 mm legs, grey 11170420
Free-mounted XPO-led, black 11170510
Free-mounted XPO-led, grey 11170520
Surface-mounted XPO-led, black 11170610
Surface-mounted XPO-led, grey 11170620
Suspended XPO-led, black 11170710
Suspended XPO-led, grey 11170720
Suspended XPO-led, 1.2 m, black 11175010
Suspended XPO-led, 1.2 m, grey 11175020
XPO X-LED Wall to wall black 12070210
XPO X-LED Wall to wall grey 12070220
XPO X-LED Free mounted black 12070510