Serial splitter 2 x RCY

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Libra serial splitters. To connect the driver and the fixtures in a serial system. To select the right splitter, see the 'Libra driver wiring guide' in the Libra catalogue.

Size290 x 10 x 5 mm
Material22 AWG
Weight13 g
CleaningDry cloth only

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Title Item
Driver set 1, 1-10V, 350mA 11480031
Driver set 2, 1-10V, 500mA 11480032
Driver set 3, 1-10V, 700mA 11480033
Driver set 4, DALI, 350mA 11480034
Driver set 5, DALI, 500mA 11480035
Driver set 6, DALI, 700mA 11480036
Driver set 7, Zigbee, 350mA 11480037
Driver set 8, Zigbee, 500mA 11480038
Driver set 9, Zigbee, 700mA 11480039